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Circular Economy, general, power, processes / 09.05.2018

According to information from the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, around 60 million people across the globe are registered as refugees. They are fleeing from war, violence and land theft to secure raw material supply. Among their number are those people who have been robbed of their livelihood due to ecological crises such as droughts or flooding. The precise combination of poverty, exploitation, violence, environmental disasters and lack of opportunities causes people to flee. At the same time, obsessive consumerism rages in our societies and continues to grow. We are...

Circular Economy, recycling / 12.03.2018

Part 2 of series: Eco-design for plastic packaging and the errors that can be avoided. “Residual emptying” - this cumbersome term is an important criterion when designing plastic packaging. All too often, however, it is still not taken into consideration. This is not only annoying for us consumers, but also for recyclers. We have all been there; despite your best efforts, the shampoo bottle, cooking oil bottle, the toothpaste tube (which is too hard) or the body lotion bottle with dispensing mechanism isn’t quite empty. A nuisance for users as...

Circular Economy, highlights / 09.03.2018

Update April 2018: We are online! You can find all information at thinking-circular.com . ___ My vision and my plans for the future of our planet are getting a new home: Green innovations require interaction between many competencies. Being a forward thinker, identifying innovations, giving them space at the right moment to develop further and to blossom - in the multiverse of Thinking Circular, pioneering advancement takes place on various levels. Think outside of the box. Think circular. The development of the Circular Economy needs competence centres, think tanks, interest groups, innovation drivers, intersections....

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