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Tools, Uncategorized / 02.03.2021

Im Metropolitan Verlag, Regensburg erscheint im März 2021 zum vierten Mal ein Jahrbuch Nachhaltigkeit. Es enthält wertvolle Impulse, sich den wachsenden Herausforderungen des Ressourcen- und Klimaschutz zu stellen und eine Transformation zur Circular Economy und Klimaneutralität in der Wirtschaft anzustoßen....

general, highlights / 26.02.2021

The Circular Economy already offers some answers to the question of how the economy could be in the future. However, the theory is not complete. It still lacks an idea how we as humans are described in this new world. How would people have to be or act if the theory of the Circular Economy were to become reality? We dare to attempt a formulation that - following the Circular Economy - we call Homo Circularis....

general / 19.02.2021

We hear a lot of complaints from people about the restrictions during the pandemic. But there is also so much help and good to report. And we have had a really good experience, which is why we are happy to publicly express our thanks to the DRK Niederzissen....

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