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Circular Economy / 26.02.2018

500 managers, plant operators and manufacturers of waste incineration systems, discussed the demise of their own sector at the Waste Management and Energy Conference in Berlin on 29 January 2018. Because Zero Waste and a functioning circular economy actually mean the end of waste incineration. Of course, this is not an option for the sector. Which line of business is undermining itself? Prof Michael Braungart therefore presented a second vision, according to which waste, which is piling up to mountainous heights all over the world, like electronic waste in...

Circular Economy, general / 22.02.2018

I can not imagine and will not accept that it takes us only 5 seconds to produce or 5 minutes to use, what takes nature 500 years to ecologically dismantle and absorbe. And exactly this is what happens with about 142 million tons of plastics in our oceans. Let’s upcycle and regain the values out of waste. The volume of services of green technologies is calculated to grow by 20 % until 2025 up to 2,400 billion Euros. Green bonds and investments, that’s the future. I am offering you network...

events / 22.02.2018

As a presenter I will accompany innovative start-up matching. I get to know a lot of innovations and great entrepreneurs. If you want to be there, you can do that. Investors can come up with ideas - maybe there is something for you. Enclosed you will find the tour dates of the ECO-LINE TRAIN. You want to be there or are interested in more information? Feel free to contact Frank Ossenbrink.   Event: ECO-LINE TRAIN Dates: 11-13 March, 2018 Finland, Helsinki und Espoo 03-05 April, 2018 Greece, Thessaloniki 01-03 June, 2018 Norway, Oslo und Trondheim...

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