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Circular Economy, Tools / 21.06.2019

Circularity refers to a circular economy, which is an economic system aimed at making most out of resources. The circular vision is a world without waste. The approach is regenerative and as such in contrast to the traditional linear economy, which has a “take, make, dispose” model of production. According to the world circularity-gap report, there is a long way to go: Only 9 % of all resources are reused in the economic cycle while 91 % turns into waste after the end of life of the product. Circular...

Circular Economy / 28.05.2019

How much would the end of incineration contribute to climate protection? After the end of the atomic- and coal-power the end of incineration is near.  The Ökoinstitut e. V. already calculated in 2014 that in 2050 only 10 incinerators in Germany would be necessary to dissolve worst wastes. Now the question in on the table how the transformation process will be run? Are there perspectives for chemical recycling? Who will invest in innovation? Only one day after the European election I had the honour to discuss this question...

general, Uncategorized / 19.05.2019

Mai 15, 2019, the educational training center  Internationaler Bund Südwest (IB), Pirmasens, started its first vocational orientation course in cooperation with  PS:ChiPS GmbH. ChiPS is located in the Banana Building, Husterhöhe in Pirmasens. This is literally across the street of IB and now creates a campus feeling. PS:ChiPS GmbH develops sustainable partnerships between China and Germany. [caption id="attachment_1855" align="alignleft" width="300"] v.l.n.r: Xiaolong Kong, Eveline Lemke, Lu Bai, Libo Yan, Jörg Wünnenberg, Doris Schäfer[/caption] Major goals are services in for start-up companies from China in Germany as well as the development...

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