Thinking Circular® Academy

In the Thinking Circular® Academy you will find various offers on the topic of Circular Economy. You can complete three modules that build on each other. However, these can also be completed independently of each other. This depends entirely on your current level of knowledge on the topic of Circular Economy and what you would like to learn.

The Thinking Circular® Academy is an interactive online learning platform that offers you many advantages:

  1. Flexibility
    The Thinking Circular® Academy offer you the opportunity to learn when and where it suits you best. Before, during or after working hours – you can work on the learning content according to your own schedule and integrate it flexibly into your daily routine.
  2. Accessibility
    With Thinking Circular® Academy, you can access the learning content from anywhere. You can access the courses and materials regardless of your location. All you need is Internet access.
  3. Self-directed learning
    With Thinking Circular® Academy, you can learn at your own pace. The learning material can be repeated as often as you like and you can focus on the areas that are most important to you.
  4. Interactive learning methods
    Thinking Circular® Academy uses interactive learning methods to make learning more engaging and effective. Videos, podcast, interactive exercises and quizzes add variety to the learning process and increase learning success.
  5. Topicality
    The Thinking Circular® Academy offers current and timely content that is continuously updated to keep trends and development in mind for you. This is of great importance in a rapidly changing field such as the Circular Economy.
  6. Certificate
    The Thinking Circular® Academy will issue you with a certificate of participation in the respective course program upon successful completion.


Curious? Click here to go directly to the courses in German.

Click here to find our Podcast about the Academy in German.


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