Live Automation – climate protection by smart control

Learning from experience and passing on this knowledge is an ideal idea and can also become a business model. The latest venture that we are pursuing shows how this can be achieved with LIVE AUTOMATION. Indeed, this is a story to watch. Best practice means that others can imitate what has already been created here. That’s why we tell the story from the beginning and are happy to connect you to LIVE AUTOMATION so that you can use the experiences that have emerged here.

The most recent project came about when the start-up FZ-Recycling (FZR) left its garage days behind and was considering building its own new building. FZR develops recycling systems that are now being built in the new production facility. The main character of our story, COO Leif Ziebeil, is professionally familiar with smart programming of system technology. Digitization is therefore no stranger to the central figure in this story. As a young client, Leif Ziebeil was not immodest right from the start when it came to his demands on efficiency, sustainability and climate compatibility of the new building. But like every builder, he quickly reached the limits of what was possible and affordable, and thus reached the limits of his willingness to compromise. But giving up is not in his DNA.

The result is an industrial building in the low-rise standard made of largely dismantled and thus recyclable material with a 99 kWp photovoltaic system on the roof, charging stations and a wood pellet heating system. Everything carefully planned, selected and monitored. It quickly became clear to the client that only the optimal interaction of all individual components would lead to the desired effects.

Smart controls are therefore a must. It is not enough just to choose good technology, because the optimal and most efficient result can only be achieved if all technologies work together. Right here was the challenge. The systems available on the market for this are usually difficult to access, expensive, complex and system-integrated. That’s why it was said: Do it Yourself. To save costs and not have to accept any loss of efficiency in the building.

With Loxone, the client finally found an open and user-friendly system that can connect all technical systems and implement many other requirements, such as alarm systems and access control. After installing the hardware, programming the smart building control was entirely in the hands of the builder.

Today the FZ-Recycling building is finished, works efficiently and fullfills the wishes and needs of the users. The systems that are developed and built here in the production facility are now also equipped with the smart control. The diverse experiences that have been made along the way flow into the new LIVE AUTOMATION department and are therefore also available to other clients. The name says it all, because every AUTOMATION has to stay aLIVE, individually set and adapted to the technology and the people who use it, with their constantly changing needs.

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