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With the subtitle “From throwaway to circular economy”, the New Live initiative has published a magazine and launched an online platform that deals with recycling material made from tire rubber, so-called end-of-life tires (ELT). Emerging from a working group of the trade association of the rubber industry, the topic for the initiative initially seems obvious. But it’s worth taking a closer look. Because here an industry is consistently taking the next steps on its way from a throwaway to a circular economy. Everyone can take part. Do you already drive retreaded tires? What about the image of recycled materials?

The environmental policy spokespersons for the CDU / CSU and Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen in the Bundestag provide answers to 10 questions. MdB Bettina Hoffmann listened carefully to science. She knows that there is a so-called circularity gap, which means that more than 93% of all materials in this world are thrown away after they are used. There is certainly still a need for knowledge. The brochure “From the throwaway to the circular economy” certainly helps to provide more information, so we recommend the brochure to politicians.

Do good things and talk about it. New Life magazine is a good example of this. We would like to see more of these initiatives.

You can read the magazine in german here.

You find the English homepage here.

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