Standstill in system integration

Renewable energy system integration is standing still in Germany. And system integration is a challenge, in particular because it is also intended to relieve the burden on consumers. Now the draft of the “regulation for the innovation tenders and for the change of further energy industry regulations –InnAus VuÄndV”, of the Federal Ministry of Economics is present. He disappoints and is no impulse for innovation. In addition, the regulation has a short term only. This makes the standstill in terms of energy turnaround clear again.

The regulation provides for fixed market premiums. They certainly do not lead to consumer relief. The surcharge limits, however, harm the competition. This is also criticized by the Bundesverband WindEnergie e.V. (BWE).

The tendering concepts are just as little innovative. Technical innovations do not seem desirable, writes the German Association of Renewable Energies (bee) in its statement.

Added to this is the postponement of the first auction thereafter, for a total of 250 megawatts. For implementation, the Regulation should have entered into force by the end of July 2019. Now, the new date will be set by the Federal Network Agency, once all procedures for consultation and vote have been carried out. The next auctions are planned on September 1, 2020 over 400 megawatts and on September 1, 2021 over 500 megawatts, then the regulation is out of force again.

The welcome idea with the goals of “network efficiency and flexibility through hybridization”, “reduction of land use conflicts” as well as “strengthening of sector coupling” is already being buried with this draft bill. The need to modernize the system, to make it more flexible, to promote particularly network- or system-appropriate solutions is undisputed.

The comprehensive statements of the associations and organizations offer solutions. An innovation would be if the federal government would accept these ideas.

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