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Teraloop was invited to the COP 24 to Kattowice in Poland, this December, by Sustainable Innovation Hub. It’s a great honour to present there, especially because just a few start-up get invited there. Being partner of Teraloop I will not miss the chance to be with them at this great conference.

Why is Teraloop special? Teraloop developed a solution for energy storage that solves more than one problem. Even though the flywheel technology is not new, the Teraloop innovation offers solutions for Energy storage in the industry. Teraloop

Logo Teraloop


Imagine a world where our impact is measured by what we leave for those who come after us. In a world of circular economy waste is minimised an progress goes hand in hand with safeguarding resources for the future, so that growth decouples from resource use.


Teraloop’s guiding principle is the vision of resource neutrality and the mission is to drive storage beyond batteries towards a decarbonised energy system, where zero waste is systemic to our thinking, our technology and our product.

Thinking Circular

Logo Thinking Circular

A renewable-based electricity generation system is critical to the circular economy and pivotal to the protection of human health. It can be achieved by long term focus on the consideration of materials, processes and behaviour in the production and use of renewable energy, especially through the development of new energy storage technologies.


Das Teraloop Team 2018 an der Aalto-Universität mit Eveline Lemke

Yaskawa, VTT, Pöyry, Business Finnland Logos

Projektteilnehmer: Yaskawa, VTT, Pöyry, Business Finnland

Watch this Video by Steve Mould, explaining how the Teraloop works. Visit the Teraloop-Homepage.

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