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Electronic waste – the EU activates huge database

44 electrical appliances, 12 energy-saving light bulbs, 33 lights, half a car and 40 batteries are accrued per person in Europe – a total of around 250 kg. These data show once again the challenge of the circular economy and provide yet further evidence of the need for a raw material transition. At least we have this data now:

Up to now, tracing material flows on the subject of waste electronic and electrical equipment represented a huge challenge for companies, scientists, authorities and NGOs. A significant step has now been undertaken towards transparency and establishing market data. The “Urban Mine Platform” database arose from the EU’s “ProSUM project”. It illustrates to experts where and how recyclable materials (from end-of-life vehicles, batteries, computers and other electrical appliances) get lost over the duration of their life-cycle and also how they can be reclaimed. When it comes to the ProSUM project, the title is also a programme: “Prospecting Secondary Raw Materials in the Urban Mine and Mining Wastes” uses the data to also identify, in particular, elements and materials, principally base metals, precious metals and critical raw materials (CRM). In addition, the database contains dynamic illustrations offering comprehensive information and market insights on the following topics:

  • Quantity and type of products on the second-hand and waste market.
  • Core components are described in your compositions, especially materials made of aluminium, copper, gold or neodymium in batteries, Electrical appliances and vehicles.
  • And waste flows from electrical appliances are identifiable, even if their whereabouts are unknown.
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