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Circular Economy, highlights, Tools / 04.06.2018

Classical economists such as Adam Smith described consumption as the end of economic activity, thereby defining our throwaway society. One of the main theses of the physiocrats was that it must be possible to master nature in order to create the foundation for economic activity. The basic concept of the Circular Economy does not share these theses. It is only by understanding nature that we will be able to carry out economic activity in the long term in such a way that we are even able to survive...

Circular Economy, recycling / 17.05.2018

A delicious, warm pizza, just ordered from the pizza place around the corner and delivered to the office within 30 minutes. The product, delivered in what appears to be an ecologically sound recyclable cardboard box, eases our guilty conscience as regards our carbon footprint. Our mouths water until we ask ourselves where the box has actually come from and whether the pizza actually absorbs the heavy metals from the box like a sponge. Heavy metal pizza instead of salami pizza? Professor Braungart, chemist and forefather of Greenpeace’s chemistry department,...

Circular Economy, general, Tools / 09.05.2018

You can meet me in Munich at IFAT, the world’s leading trade fair for environmental technologies! Hall A3, stand 127/226 with our network partner, Ecoliance Hall A4, stand 115/214 with our network partner, Ecoliance Get in touch and we can arrange an individual appointment! Furthermore, I will be taking part in the ITAD panel discussion at 15:30 on 17.05.18. The topic of discussion will be whether or not the provisions of the Circular Economy Package represent genuine progress. You can already read about my thoughts on the issue in this blog article: Professor Braungart...

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