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Sustainability consulting, strategic. Modul 8


In-depth session: Perspectives of legal projects In order to implement sustainability and circularity in a company, it is necessary to always keep an eye on the legal requirements. The latest developments at European and national level and how they can be implemented in practice are examined in detail. Likewise, which projects are planned for the future so that optimal preparation can take place on the entrepreneurial side in advance. This module presents the latest legal developments and offers space to address questions and make classifications. This course is...

Sustainability consulting, strategic. Modul 7


In-depth: Marketing – Fifty shades of green Companies are often very ambitious when it comes to climate protection and sustainability. But what does it look like in reality? If you take a closer look at the supposedly green measures, you find that they are often merely greenwashing and not effective measures. The dangers lurking in greenwashing and how to avoid them are elementary to successful implementation of circular projects. Here we provide an overview of terms, case law and possible applications for positioning your own climate contribution in...

Sustainability consulting, strategic. Modul 6


In-depth session: Sustainable financing Climate protection and sustainability can only be implemented if the financing behind them is also sustainable. The German government’s Sustainable Finance Strategy aims to release the necessary investments for climate protection and sustainability. In the future, companies will also be required to publish a sustainability report in which they disclose business activities and measures relating to climate protection and sustainability. In principle, it will no longer be possible in the future to grant loans for projects that harm the climate. For this, the banks...

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