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Parliamentary Evening Closing Cycles – Protecting the Climate

11. September 2019, 18:00 - 20:30 CEST

Müllcontainer und Einladungstext

The environmental value of a circular economy is undisputed. While this has so far mainly been examined from the perspective of resource protection, the contribution of the circular economy to the protection of the climate is currently still not sufficiently addressed. Although the end of landfilling of untreated waste has significantly reduced the greenhouse gas emissions of the waste industry, the potential for climate protection is still enormous. A consistent circular economy not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions from waste management, but also actively helps to reduce the consumption of natural resources and protect the climate through prevention, reuse and the use of recyclates.

We would like to shed light on the contribution of the circular economy to climate protection in the context of a parliamentary evening on 11 September in taz Kftine. In addition to a panel discussion between members of the German Bundestag, the Federal Ministry for the Environment, REMONDIS and NABU, a new study on energetic waste utilization in Germany is being presented for the first time, which was prepared by the Oeko-Institut on behalf of NABU.


taz Kantine
Freidrichstrasse 21
10969 Berlin, Germany